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4M was established in 1993 and has fast become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creative games and craft kits for curious kids that promote education. The brand is dedicated to developing exciting products that enhance and inspire children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to be creative.

4M aim to make education and learning fun. They have a number of fun games and science focused activity kits that allow children to experiment and discover for themselves. They have science for kids covered and have cleverly crafted the scientific processes and theories of Biology, Chemistry and Physics into their activity kits so children can learn whilst having fun. They offer a range of green science kits which teach kids how to be green, about sustainability and the concept of renewable energy.

4M also have a number of history themed activity kits from the Natural History Museum which allow children to explore many different topics. The dinosaur games are particularly popular.

4M’s arts and craft portfolio is rich with pocket money purchases and toys that will keep kids coming back for more. With such an expansive collection on offer, 4M creative kits are fun, practical and priced just right.

The latest fashion trends are at girls fingertips with the coolest fashion accessories and crafts available from 4M. Girls can really get creative with craft jewellery sets including the Friendship Bracelets kit that lets girls weave a smile for their friends from colourful strands of fabric. Other fabric bracelets can also be created from the Woven Bracelets kit that lets girls braid their own bracelets and add sparkly string for an added touch. Plus, there are other cool kits including the Fancy Charm Bracelet and Cool Colour Wristlet kits so girls can create stylish gifts for all their friends.

Adding a 3D twist to a perennial favourite is 3D Art Creative Spiral Fun, that lets kids create their own spectacular optical patterns using the classic art tool and then watch as the creations come to life through the 3D glasses! Alternatively, the Mould and Paint series has many themes including Racers and Cute Pets, which allows kids to create mini magnets or pins from plaster of Paris moulds.

Fairies feature prominently with kits that offer a modern twist on traditional craft activities. The Glow-In-The-Dark Fairy Buttons kit lets kids create button hairbands and badges for friends and family with a helpful blast from a hairdryer. Alternatively, the Make Your Own Light-Up Fairy Plaque will make a beautiful name plate and when the starlight is turned on at night, it turns any bedroom into a twinkling fairy dreamland.

Crafty girls can keep on trend with Bake Your Own Cupcake Shrinking Craft, which allows girls to create their own delicious looking cupcake charms that can be threaded onto necklaces or bracelets or even made into earrings. When not decked out themselves, girls can display their creations on the three tiered cupcake stand.   

Easy-to-Do and Kidzlabs are just two of the many 4M Collections which include Green Creativity, Green Science, Create Your Own and Make Your Own games and kits. They are cool, fun and practical.

As an organisation, 4M are totally committed to the products that they supply and always look to improve when delivering on promises of quality and fun. 4M regularly receive awards worldwide for both science and craft products. In 2011, the Solar Robot was awarded as one of the Best New Toys 2011. 4M truly care about the environment and are delighted to use premium packaging that is almost entirely PVC free. To encourage environmental awareness among the children who enjoy our creative craft products, they have included a wide variety of recycling tips in products that they can use and share with others.

4M is actively involved in supporting the initiatives that are undertaken by various charities in improving lives around the planet by creating opportunity.